Cake AND Death

Nobody but clex_monkie89 knows that I play a game called Mafia, so I thought I'd share. It's a pretty fun game that can be adapted to just about any fandom; for example, the first game I was in was a Harry Potter one, where I won as Hermione Granger, the serial killer. I've also been in games based around the JLA, the Mutant Massacre, and even Smash Brothers! One of the games currently running is a Do It Yourself Mafia, where you PM the game master what character you want to be, and he/she hands out roles based on that character. That calls for some cracked-out character interactions, like Rachel Ray and Turk (from Scrubs) getting attacked by the 300. However, everyone just sees each other as virtual cubes until death, so no one really knows who each other are (except the mafia; read the linky above for more details.) Well, yesterday, the crack flowed even further, and our poor beloved Winchester boys got mobbed:


Vote Count:
TAK (4): ABF, The BoyBlunder, Pashmina, Jawapimp

A majority has been reached.</b>

Day 6 write-up

You all corner the two men. They claim that you didn't know them, and you found that suspicious. So you killed them both. After that, you and your companion cubes had delicious cake!

theanalogkid is dead. He was the winchester brothers, who could vote twice. (Good)

Night begins now, and will end at 8 PM MST tomorrow, or when a majority is reached.


When I told Clex about it, she demanded that I share. :P

Boxed Sets!

I think I'm about to go psycho here. I decided to look around and see how much boxed sets of TV shows are, and this is what I want so far and their approximate costs (as cheap as I could find):

Arrested Development Seasons 1, 2, and 3 (the whole thing, basically) - $60.

Naruto Sets 2, 3, and 4: - $132 for the special editions (which I want), or $101 if I get them with the boxes damaged. $98 if I just stick with the regular editions (yuck).

Heroes, Season 1 - $39

Angel, The Complete Series - $99 (I ended reserving this one, so if I decide to get it for this price from then I'll be charged on October 30th.)

Buffy, The Complete Series - $160

Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Complete Series - $305 (wtf?)

Star Trek: Voyager, The Complete Series - $623 (wt double f???)

Xena, The Complete Series - $170

Six Feet Under, The Complete Series (maybe) - $185

Dexter, Season 1 (if there are decent extras) - $25

Dresden Files, Season 1 (never seen it before, but looks interesting, so maybe) - $30

Charmed, The Complete Series (maybe) - $255

So, as you can see, I'm going to be busy for the next few years to try and get my collection padded. If Joe keeps his job and Stephie gives me the money I asked from her, then I can probably get Naruto, Heroes, and maybe Arrested Development soon, but that's it. The rest will have to be, like, once every 2-3 months. Except the Star Trek ones; I'll have to wait until I'm living on my own again before I can afford those. =/

What Do You Have To Say? - Arts & Crafts: My Inspiration

Where do you get inspiration for your arts and crafts?
My inspiration comes from an urge to do things out of the ordinary, to do things people don't expect. All creation is inspired by something else, whether it be a favorite character or the way that the sun touches the sea at dawn. Very few ideas are original, but the worth lies in the presentation and the execution of said ideas, almost like many strings entering the heart but leaving as one unified thread to continue along the journey of life. I'd like to hope that maybe one day one of my threads reaches into the hearts of others to become part of their own personal tapestries.

Pre- Spring Cleaning

I'm going to be switching up this journal soon, and that's going to involve some housecleaning. Basically, if you don't see me on your F-List anymore, it's because I removed you as a friend, and I will be making little to no non-locked posts. If I remove you and you wanna know why, it's probably because either we never talk or you're kinda a jerk.

Expect to see the change within a couple weeks. If you don't care about remaining on my list, then go ahead and remove yourself in the meantime.

Thanks! :)
Tail love


Apparantly I'm a little bit of an idiot, because I totally forgot that I have to pay a bill if I want my cell phone to keep working. Luckily the late fee was only $15, but still, it was one of the d'oh! moments. :P

I'm gonna miss Haloween this year. It's not too bad because I haven't participated in Haloween for years, but this time I wanted to hang out with Clex but I have to work. Bah. I was thinking of leaving a bowl full of candy on my doorstep, then realized that the first kid would probably take the whole thing and I'd be out of a bowl. I guess the best I hoep for then is to not come home to my new apartment egged.

Speaking of the new apartment, TEN MORE DAYS UNTIL I MOVE!!! I'm going to go sign the lease on Friday or Saturday, and then move in on the 28th. I still need to set up the electric, though, and keep bugging my mom to reserve the moving truck. I'm also going to call a guy about renter's insurance, and I need to get the phone number of this one co-worker of mine who's going to give/sell me furniture. I definitely have a plan for the whole shebang...I just hope something doesn't go wrong. :)

I ahve the strong urge to create, but I have a game I rented from Blockbuster I need to return this weekend (Soul Calibur III), so I need to play that. Also, I'm going to Clex's tomorrow to watch Supernatural with her, but maybe I can bring a notebook and some pencils...